LCA2011: Day 04

As usual, I’ve had no time to update my blog and so I’ll post more technical stuff later. Meanwhile, here are the pics from day 04 of the conference.

As can be expected of LCA, the day starts like any other – sleep deprived ;-)

Please tell me there's coffee *dying* (pic: @chrisjrn)

And of course, the early morning email reading/hacking session whilst waiting for the keynote:

I'm deep in thought whilst optimising corporate synergy (pic: @chrisjrn)

All the cool kids. (pic: @chrisjrn)

Tasty tasty breakfast from some hole-in-the-wall cafe off Grey St – kind of a weird way of serving scrambled eggs….. but was very tasty. :-)

Delicious, yet interesting method of serving breakfast. (at a random hole-in-the-wall cafe on Gray St)

Some dodgy twitter person. Think maybe @chrisjrn

Went along to lunch with a bunch of like-minded geeks:

Ewwwwww giant steak next to me! #militantvegetarian

Resturant is putting @LGnome on a diet or something.

Mmmmmm delicious vegetarian pizza.

Ended up catching public transport back to Urbanest to take a shower before the penguin dinner:

Wow! If only Wellington busses were this good!

And of course, the penguin dinner – although I didn’t stay as late as I would have normally, on account of me being insanely tired and needing to do washing or having to go commando the next day:

Conference dinner - note the vegetarian option isn't listed

Dinner buddies!

More LCA dinner buddies!

Nommy curry thingy

mmmmmmmm desert :-)

And of course, washing:

Finished the day with washing. Much excite!

As an amusing side story, I discovered one of the vending machines at Urbanest will convert change coins (eg 10c, 20c, 50c) into $1 coins by using the coin reject function. LIFE HACK WINS! ;-)

Till tomorrow’s post! :-)

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