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Hobart: Day 02

My third day in Hobart is more of a half day, as my flight to Melbourne was scheduled for early afternoon, which did limit what I could get up to. Ended up spending a good 1.5 hours at The Cupping … Continue reading

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Hobart: Day 01

Wow, been so busy socialising and being outside I haven’t had time to blog post for the last few days… the horror! Currently sitting at Melbourne, waiting for NoFlyAirNZ to arrive 40mins late so catching up on posts…. My second … Continue reading

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How to stuff up air travel

I always tend to fly Air New Zealand when travelling internationally – whilst they are sometimes a little more expensive, the service has historically been good, the flights on time and the planes tend not to fall out the sky … Continue reading

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Hobart: Day 00.1

Some additional pictures from yesterday’s excursion into the wilds of Tasmania by @chrisjrn: That’s all the dodgy pictures for now – come back soon for more blog posts as I tour AU :-)

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Hobart: Day 00

Whilst I did technically land in Hobart yesterday, I only started looking around Hobart and Tasmania in general with the native @chrisjrn today. We started the trip by going up Mt Wellington, but sadly were impacted by a lot of … Continue reading

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LCA2011: Day 07

OK, technically there is no LCA day 07, but seeing as it was the last day in Brisbane I figured I could get away with it, without needing to create a separate heading. ;-) Firstly, I found an awesome pic … Continue reading

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