Now is the winter of my content

It’s suddenly gotten much colder in Wellington (about 13c currently), looks like summer is over and winter is on it’s way.

As weird as it sounds, winter is my favorite time of the year in Wellington – instead of mediocre days, we have crisp, cold evenings, dark nights, snuggling on the couch and in bed, tasty winter foods and more. :-D

The last few days I’ve actually been feeling far more bouncy and happy than normal –  something about me is clearly wired wrong…

I wonder if part of it, is that instead of having dull gray evenings when I leave work, it’s now completely dark – dull gray weather always messes with my moods, whilst I always feel much more active and energetic at night and I don’t feel bad about spending heaps of time inside on my computer.

Anyway, here’s to winter – looking forwards to several months of chilly, dark bliss :-D


PS: anyone know any Antarctic based computer programmer jobs going? 6 months of darkness sounds like a dream :-D

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    Really, I also seem to work better in the middle half of the year; I like the lack of direct heat (I can’t work effectively in anything > 25 degrees), and being able to *raise* a room to a good working temperature is always quite appealing, though not as far as the power bill is concerned!

  2. Hamzah Khan says:

    Haha, you’d love my current job then.

    12 hour night shifts doing pretty much nothing unless something breaks, and its from home.

    Believe it or not, I hate night shifts the most! 12 hours of darkness, doing nothing most of the time! I want something to do!

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