Puppet Training

I recently ran a training session for our development team at Fairfax introducing them to the fundamentals of Puppet.

To assist with this training, I’ve developed a bunch of scripts and learning modules which I’ve now open sourced at https://github.com/jethrocarr/puppet-training

Using these modules you can:

  • Provision a pre-configured Puppet master + Puppet client to use for exercises.
  • Learn the basics of an r10k/git workflow for Puppet modules.
  • Create a module and get used to Puppet resources like package, file and service.
  • Learn the basics of ordering and dependencies.
  • Use Hiera to set params.

It’s not as complete a course as I’d like. I did about half a day using these modules and another half the day adhoc. Ideally I’d like to finish off writing modules at some point, but it takes a reasonably long period to write anything like this and there’s only so many hours in a week :-)

Putting up here as they might be of interest to people. PRs are always welcome as well.

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