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Wellington Home Automation Hackers

I’m slowly setting up more and more Internet-of-Things stuff in my house and because of my interest in this space I’ve started a Wellington Home Automation Hackers meetup that will meet monthly! If you’re in Wellington and are interested in … Continue reading

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Easy Lockscreen MacOS

Whilst MacOS is a pretty polished experience, there’s some really simple things that are stupidly hard sometimes such as getting the keybindings to work right for real keyboards¬†or in this case, getting the screen to be lockable without sleeping the … Continue reading

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O-Ring Mod

As much as I love my Das Ultimate Silent keyboard, the one thing that it fails to do is live up to it’s “silent” label. Whilst it’s certainly massively quieter than something like the mighty IBM Model M, it still … Continue reading

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Process Monitor for Windows

From time to time I’m dragged into the murky world of Microsoft to debug a problem a customer is having, or to setup the occasional small business server. My Windows skills are passable, but certainly nowhere near as good as … Continue reading

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KVM/libvirt change CDROM

I was setting up some Windows virtual machines this evening on my Linux KVM/libvirt server, in order to experiment with how Windows handles IPv6 networks. Installing windows was easy enough – standard virt-install commands, however post-reboot, Windows XP wants to … Continue reading

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