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IRD online services registration

I recently signed up with IRD’s (New Zealand’s Tax Department) online Kiwisaver service, so I could view the status of my payments and balance of New Zealand’s voluntary superannuation scheme. The user sign up form is pretty depressing (and no, … Continue reading

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Bit Flipping Cycle Lanes

On my recent walk to Devonport I was amazed at the design of the cycle lanes made by the North Shore City Council (now part of the amalgamated Auckland City Council). Aside from the initial amazement that such a car-focused … Continue reading

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My apartment, the death trap

I currently live in a modern apartment complex in Auckland, coming with lots of modern features including networked fire alarms, heat sensors and stupid varying sizes of non-energy efficent light bulbs. The apartment alarm system is quite simple – if … Continue reading

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National Bank SSL Cert Fail

Got to wonder about your bank when they manage to upload the wrong SSL certificate to one of their webservers. :-/ Every sysadmin has their bad day, but I would have thought a bank would have had a bit more … Continue reading

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Air New Zealand Booking Frustrations

With all the travel that lisa and myself will be doing over the next few months, I’ve ended up booking a lot of flights – first set for October travel to AU, second for January travel to AU for linux.conf.au … Continue reading

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