Jedo Linux Status Report

Over the Christmas break I’ve been working on my Jedo Linux distro. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Released temp status website at
  • Have written all the base packages for the distro.
  • Built most of those packages.

And what I will be doing next:

  • Getting all the packages built.
  • Writing an installer (I’m thinking about using newt)
  • Testing the base of the distro heavily.

The idea is to get all the distro written (installer, base packages, website, package manager) and test it heavily (and get others to test it as well).

Once that is all working well, I will then add all the other packages needed (eg: gnome, services, etc). Most of the packages I’m just adjusting the ebuilds I wrote for Jedo Linux 0.3, so that will move fairly rappidly.

Here’s a rough time guestimate, that will probably be wrong. :-)

  • Jan 07: Complete a working base package selection.
  • Feb 07: Adjust package manager to suit.
  • Mar 07: Complete the installer and release ISO to get feedback.
  • Apr 07: Write website with bug management, etc.
  • May 07: Write packages.
  • Jun 07: Release ISO for testing & make adjustments based on feedback.
  • Jul 07: Release new version.

I still have to decide what versioning scheme to use – the new release will either be Jedo Linux 1.0 or Jedo Linux 2007.

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