Dlink DSL-G604T DNS Resolution Problems


The Dlink DSL-G604T is a wifi/adsl/ethernet router, which seems to be rather common in NZ due to various ISPs offering them at cheap prices with new ADSL customers.

They do the job, but I’ve found a few problems with mine.
1) My unit seems to like to emit a quiet, high-pitch whine, when the ADSL line is connected.
2) DNS relaying is iffy.
3) Features in the web interface sometimes don’t work.

The only problem which really bother me is number 2 (as no.1 can’t normally be heard and I don’t normally have to touch the web int).

I found it would operate fine most of the time, but randomly it would suddenly do incorrect resolution and resolve a name to the IP of! In some cases, it would only affect certain programs. :-/

This could affect quite a few people, since I think the router has the relay feature and DHCP turned on by default. So, here’s the workaround for google to find. :-)


I found the fix is to disable the DNS relay completely, and simply pass out the ISP’s DNS address over DHCP from the router.

Todo that:
1) Login to the router web interface.
2) Select the DNS tab.
3) Change “DNS Relay Selection” to “Disable DNS Relay”.
4) Add your desired DNS servers.
5) Click “apply” – the router will prompt you to save & reboot.

Simple, but annoying when I didn’t know the cause. :-)

See my post to Wellylug if you are looking for step-by-step instructions for a Linux newbie user.

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