Moving LVM physical volumes with pvmove

 < jethro> awh crap....
 < jethro> the LVM howto didn't mention that is wasn't safe to
           move the /  filesystem whilst it was in use
 * jethro deadlocked the server
 < jethro> I sure hope it'll work after reboot
 < friend1> (simulate a tension-filled pause here)
 < friend2> o_O
 < friend1> err
 < friend1> heh
 < friend1> where'd you move it to?
 < jethro> from one physical LVM volume to another with pvmove
 < jethro> I think the LVM is toast now though... :-(
 < jethro> yup, it's toast. #$$@!#%

What does that mean? It means that I found out the hard way that it IS NOT safe to move a live LVM physical volume from one disk to another with the pvmove command IF the physical volume contains the / filesystem.

Apparantly the problem is that the binaries are in use when it tries to move itself and causes the system to dead lock. :-(

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