2008 New Years Update

Okay, I’ve been a bit slack in updating this blog in the last couple of months…. my new year’s resolution is to push a lot more content up to this blog.

I will be making a number of additions this month, as I go through my archives of custom apps and patches and start pushing them up online. And if you’re lucky, I’ll get some documents about clustering completed this month and up online as well.

My company, Amberdms Ltd released it’s first product, the Amberdms RTLB Database in September last year, and just recently did a promotion run to our potential client base, and I expect to see a number of customers signing up in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new product called Amberos, which is about developing a custom Linux distribution based on RHEL aimed for use in Linux appliances, such as PVRs, surveillance systems, firewalls and plug-and-play server solutions.

All the software being developed by Amberdms for Amberos is being open-sourced under the GPL-2 license.

One of the major components of Amberos, will be it’s configuration and update system that intends to completely reduce the issues of broken configuration when updating software, as well as offering simple, reliable rollback features. All of this will be handled by a simple, easy to use, web-based interface that can be customized for it’s target device.

Expect to see news about a beta of this software in February 2008. And all going well, a couple of months after that, Amberdms will have released a number of products based on this software. :-)

linux.conf.au 2008
I will be attending linux.conf.au 2008 in Melbourne this year, arriving on 27 Jan and departing on the 3rd of Feb, staying in the Trinity accommodation block. If you’re attending and want to meet up, give me an email.

If you were unable to attend, I’ll be taking plenty of photos as usual, and will make them available on my website.

Anyway, take care and have a great 2008 everyone. :-)

— Jethro

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