Hard drives hate me

After fixing up my laptop yesterday, installing the spare HDD and reloading everything I suddenly find that my spare HDD is faulty. :-(

At first the laptop would just randomly lock up or pause for periods of time, but today it failed badly. With luck, I was able to get the documents for the last 12 hours I had been working on to a USB stick.

I know that it’s the HDD rather than the laptop, since this spare HDD had caused similar problems on the spare laptop, but I think I triggered the real nasty stuff when I loaded about 40 GB of my data onto it giving it a big work out.

I’m back up and running using my spare Libretto U100 laptop, but have had to place an order for a new 1.8″ HDD to put back in my primary unit. (about $580 NZD – ouch!)

I’ll end up with my production laptop working with a new HDD (hopefully another 3 years life!), a working spare laptop to lend to my brother and an additional spare mainboard, RAM & chassis from the scrapped Libretto.

What a hassle! Good thing my backups are frequent and working. :-)

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