Update for March

Wow, it has been a busy month! I really need to try and update my blog a bit more frequently to stop it from getting stale and requiring a large update to be posted.


After the initial release of the Amberdms Billing System 1.0.0 on 18th Feb 2009, there were several hundred downloads and a number of companies signing up for the trial service.

I recently released version 1.1.0 with a whole bunch of new features, including PayPal support, service usage alerts and better documentation.

I’m currently working on the next release which is focusing on the following:

  • ACID compliance in all application areas.
  • Taking the current SQL-Ledger migration program from alpha to stable and preparing migration documentation.
  • Reoccuring Transactions.
  • File import abilities.

I’m also currently investigating the work involved in developing migration applications from various proprietary products such as MYOB, as well as the idea of integrating the Amberdms Billing System with various e-commerce shop applications.


I have recently added new plan options to the hosted version of the Amberdms Billing System, including a basic FREE plan and an entry level 100MB plan for only $10 + GST a month.

That’s a low cost accounting system run by professional engineers with no proprietary lock in! Remember, for every new customer, I can purchase more junk food and spend more time adding even more great features, so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! :-)

For details about these new plans, read through the announcement online.


I will also be announcing some exciting new Linux server solution offerings from Amberdms in the next week or so, with some great offerings for small-mid sized companies.

If you want to get information about new products and releases from Amberdms, join the low-traffic amberdms-announce mailing list.

Otherwise, I shall blog them here in due course.


If you are on twitter, follow me and get regular updates on what I’m up to.

Unfortunately, I had just gotten over my email addiction but now Twitter has come along to get me addicted to something new… :-(


I now have an operational jabber/XMPP server. If you want to IM me, you can at message be at jethro@amberdms.com by using any XMPP service such as Google Talk, your own server, or a free account from jabber.org.