Upgraded to WordPress

For a long time I’ve been asked “when are you getting an RSS feed” and “when is your blog getting updated?”.

I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had the time to upgrade my custom built system dating back to 2006, so I’ve finally decided to make the jump to WordPress, since it’ll make the maintenance and upgrading of it so much easier in future.

I’m also aiming to start blogging a bit more frequently, beginning with the 30-days blogging challenge that started up on Twitter – more about this soon – as well as being able to blog from my smart phone whilst on the go. :-)

At this stage, some of the old content is still missing, as I am slowly importing and reformatting/fixing a lot of materials – if you want to access the old site for anything, you can still reach it at: https://www.jethrocarr.com/old/

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