My fridge of delicious unhealthyness

A few of the twitter people I follow (think Greer started it off) have started posting pictures of the contents of their fridge. Naturally my readers have nothing better todo than learn inane details about me such as the contents of my fridge and scream at the horror of the healthy contents.

I flat with two other people, both of them meat eaters. Since the flat came with a fridge already, I kept mine as the vegetarian-only fridge and my flatmates use the larger one for all their meaty horrors – which also means I get the whole thing to myself :-D

(Mum, if you’re reading my blog, please skip these pictures. I’m sure you won’t be impressed)

  • Nacho ingredients and noodles (ontop of fridge). Obscured from vision is the flat wifi router. The ethernet cables run down the side of the fridge, across the floor and along a door frame to my bedroom where the server rack is located.
  • First shelf – Pesto; a couple jars of jam; some expired organic yogurt; delicious, delicious olives; hot spicy jalapeño sauce; several cans of coke lying around thanks to @simon_w leaving them; olive-based margarine; and generic cheese.
  • Second shelf – Royal Brown Premium Draft Cola – it’s kinda pricey but so, so, good, compared to regular coke – more margarine; pizza bases; and finally several packs of marinated tofu.
  • Third shelf – sara lee desert (75% consumed); left over curry (in paper bag); 33.3% of a burger.
  • Fourth shelf – vegetable bin which I never use any of the vegetables in, I think I need to check that tray and toss some out; couple bottles of water and a pack of mushrooms ontop.
  • Door – Feta cheese (barely visible); crushed chilli; crushed garlic; generic cheese; mozzarella cheese; Pip’s pretty good peanut butter; English mustard; Sweet chilli sauce; 2x Monteith’s original ales; vegetarian stir fry sauce; white wine; lemonade.

The freezer portion of the fridge is pretty packed ATM…. I’m going with a best-bet effort here, because I’m honestly not 100% sure what is actually in the freezer.

  • Shelf One: Mini-vegetarian spring rolls (Pam’s brand, but actually really good); oven fries; mixed frozen veges; and 2x loaves of bread. I think there might be some more potato products at the back, but I’d have to pull everything out to find them.
  • Shelf Two: Hash browns, some frozen pasta dish from early 2009; ice cream container containing mixed peas & corn for easy access; English muffins; and ice cube trays (don’t need those so much in Wellington tho…)
  • Shelf Three: Frozen beans; Fry’s vegetarian somethings; curry pie(s); vegetarian dumplings; frozen corn; crumbed mushrooms (so much nom); a fish pie from a relative who doesn’t quite get the vegetarian thing (not going to eat it, but don’t want to waste it – will find someone to eat it sooner or later); and finally more hash browns.

As you’ve probably realised, my diet consists mostly of liquids, sauces and potato products based on these pictures. I live in the CBD and probably tend not to cook meals as much as I should, the convenience of getting something on the way home is very hard to resist.

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