Exciting new job

I’ve been talking about making some changes lately and moving to a new career path or even going overseas.

I’ve decided to stay in Wellington NZ for now and accepted a position with my previous employer, Prophecy Networks who focus on delivering IT services for businesses and enterprise, starting from the beginning of November.

My new role will be as a consultant working with their clients with particular focus on enterprise & telco level engineering and development projects – exciting and challenging work to keep me from getting bored. :-)

If you’re wondering about what will be happening with Amberdms, don’t be too worried – the company will continue to exist and continuing to develop our open source products but the IT support side of the business will be moving to other providers.

Whilst I’ll miss the busy life of a startup, I’m certainly looking forwards to saner hours (40/50hrs rather than 80hrs) and the stable income it brings.

I’m planning to use some of the free time that results to hack on more open source projects and do some R+D projects of my own as well as a few possible new Amberdms products.

More information and plans will undoubtedly get posted over the next few weeks so add the RSS for this blog to your reader if you want to keep informed. :-)

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