LCA Squeeeeeeeee

Registrations opened for 2011 a couple of days ago, not wanting to miss out, I’ve quickly gone and registered for the conference, accommodation (well, I’ve sent the PDF form and am awaiting a response, blergh) as well as both international and domestic flights.

I’ve decided to use the opportunity of the trip as a chance to make some deters to see friends and have a bit of a relax in the Gold Coast, Tasmania and Melbourne before/after the conference.

I’ve booked all the flights now, my schedule is as follows:

20 JAN        Wellington -> Brisbane -> Gold Coast
FLIGHT       (AirNZ NZ0826 – 16:35 arrival at Brisbane)
21 JAN        Gold Coast
22 JAN        Gold Coast
23 JAN        Gold Coast -> Brisbane
TRAIN?      (aim to be in Brisbane early afternoon – train?)
24 JAN for entire week in Brisbane CBD
30 JAN -> Melbourne (1hr stop) -> Hobart
FLIGHT      (Virgin DJ334/DJ1332 – 15:00 departure)
31 JAN        Hobart
01 FEB        Hobart->Launceston
02 FEB        Launceston->Hobart -> Melbourne
FLIGHT       (Virgin DJ1325 – 13:45 departure)
03 FEB        Melbourne
04 FEB        Melbourne -> Wellington
FLIGHT      (AirNZ NZ0850 – 18:40 departure)
05 FEB        Sleep & Geekery

There’s still some stuff to work out, such as accommodation, travel in Hobart (might rent a car, I should have my full NZ license by then….) but the key bit – getting there – is all sorted now. :-)

The only other issue left is my credit card bill…. ;-)

If you’re in any of the locations above and I haven’t already mentioned meeting up with you, please drop me a line – I’m sure I have or twitter friends in some of these cities who I don’t realise actually live there. ;-)

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5 Responses to LCA Squeeeeeeeee

  1. Jen D says:

    Train between Brisbane and Gold Coast is pretty good, only takes an hour. That’s how I travel if I’m going to Brisbane for the day (because the parking is abysmal), and usually how I get to the airport as well. I can probably score you free theme park tickets, and at the very least get them super cheap, so don’t book anything like that (if that’s your kind of thing).

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Awesome, thanks! TBH, my plans for the gold coast are probably going to be eat, drink, laze about on beach/sun after a pretty busy work year, but I’m still deciding what to actually do whilst there. ;-)

      (Unless there is a cougar adventure theme park?? ;-)

      Will be good to meet you and the other twitter ladies for a night out when I’m there. :-D

  2. Ooooh exciting. I’m looking forward to housing you in my storage cupboard down here!^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W your visit down here!

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