Day 06 – Primary geek fuel (snacks/drinks)

This post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge.

Finally an excuse for posting a picture – blog posts are always far more interesting when there’s a picture. ;-)

My primary geek fuel would have to be cola of some variety, historically I drank mostly Coke, but lately I’ve been trying to cut down on my can a day and instead I buy a 4-pack of Royal Crown Premium Draft cola once a week to enjoy over the weekend – it’s deliciously brilliant stuff (although a little pricey as it’s an AU import), very smooth to drink – doesn’t last nearly long enough!

Other than sugary substances, I tend to start the day with a Soy Latte (would have more if it wasn’t for the cost/inability to make them at home) and have a growing coffee consumption going on, tends to be the less cola I drink, the more I go for coffee.

In terms of snacks, I’ve been cutting back on processed snacks such as M&Ms, chocolate and cornchips and been demolishing bags of flavoured peas lately – the wasabi peas pictured are so great, go well with almost any beverage (alcoholic or not).

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2 Responses to Day 06 – Primary geek fuel (snacks/drinks)

  1. AU import?

    Then why the hell haven’t I heard about it?

  2. Bryan says:

    I live in Canada, we have a brand of Cola here called “R.C” (..which also stands for Royal Crown) but it’s cheap and kind of disgusting.

    AFAIK, it cost around ¢33.. they mostly stopped selling it here in favour of another product called Cott Cola, which.. while cheap; tastes awful.

    I like the real deal, Coca-Cola or alternatively.. Dr Pepper, which isn’t really Cola. :-)

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