Day 11 – Favourite hacking environment – music, light, seating, etc

This post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge.

This question does lead on from the previous one somewhat, I see that some other fellow bloggers who will remain nameless ended up merging days 10 and 11 together.

My favourite hacking environment is still at my home desk – whilst I’m getting more used to hacking on the go using just the laptop, I still prefer the more immersive experience of my home setup, larger display and good audio.

So my home environment is:

  • My darling Lenovo X201i laptop on it’s docking station.
  • 22″ 1920×1080 Viewsonic LCDs (one for my laptop, one for guests and another on the floor somewhere plugged into the server).
  • IBM Model M keyboard
  • Bluetooh Thinkpad Mouse
  • NAD 3020i integrated amp (hidden behind laptop/LCD)
  • JPW “bookshelf” speakers

I tend to hack best in the dark, so I cover up my views of the Wellington city and harbour and sit in the dark with loud music staring into the screen for hours.

My musical tastes vary, but I tend to code to either metal/heavy rock, electronica or techno usually, however pretty much anything in my collection is fine with me :-)

Seating is important for me, I can’t stand substandard chairs, I ended up shelling out for a decent gas lift which was worth every cent.

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  1. Please! I was in the air and unable to photograph my machine until today! :P

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