Day 18 – Most cringe-worthy geek moment

This post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge.

Oh dear, where do I start on this? There’s just so many, I can’t help myself, they just happen, it’s a side effect of being a massive geek who doesn’t always think before speaking…

I think the most cringe worthy was recently with an attractive lady who invited me over for drinks and chat at her place. After proceeding to give her lots of exciting information about my laptop, my work and software I was designing, she was naturally en-thrilled and wanted to know more about these exciting things. *

When it was getting late and I was about to leave, she informed me that I “could stay if I wanted” to which I promptly replied “Well that depends, how fast is your wifi?”. **

It just came out without thinking, an automatic response, I dunno what I was thinking  – I’m not exactly sure why she didn’t just boot me out there and then :-/

* so not really

** sadly, this is a true story

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