Day 19 – Most hated computing environment.

This post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge.

I’m sure there’s not a lot of doubt about what this post is going to be…. I hate MS windows with a passion – the main reasons being:

  • It’s a proprietary platform, that means I can’t get in there and fix issues myself.
  • I can’t trust Microsoft or the US government not to put backdoors into it for their own benefit.
  • I consider the architecture behind the Windows platform to be vastly inferior to that of *nix systems such as Linux – it’s designed around a single user model and no central repository for application or OS updates.
  • I can jump in and get involved with the development and future of my Linux systems, but would have no such ability with Windows – I get whatever Microsoft chooses to spoon-feed me.
  • Windows has an appalling reputation for security issues.
  • The number of weird ways that MS Windows can fuck itself up is quite unbelievable….

I could rant for several hours about my dislike of windows, but I think I better stop here. :-)

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