Day 21 – Favourite thing & worst things about working in IT?

This post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge.

Overall IT is great and I really can’t see myself doing anything else with as much love and enthusiasm as I have for IT. :-)

Things I love:

  • The people! Such a range of interesting and talented people capable of holding interesting discussions, I’ve made amazing friends from working in IT.
  • The community – this is someone tied into the above, but there is an amazing community of people in IT, who really do support one another, both in work but also in life, though both the good times and hard.
  • Exciting projects, designing the infrastructure that makes modern life and communications possible.
  • Being challenged on a daily basis with interesting problems.

Things I hate:

  • The dating pool! The guys to ladies ratio is really terrible, particularly for younger guys, considering how many people meet their partners whilst at work, this does pose a dating challenge.
  • People having no understand of how complex things in IT can be and expecting miracles.
  • People assuming that working in IT means you’re a boring “computer nerd”. IT is one of the best places full of cool and interesting people. Sure, they’re all geeky as fuck, but it’s great. :-)
  • People who get into IT because it’s a good career but who have no passion for technology and just do it for the money. Fortunately the companies I’ve always worked for have had passionate staff who really do love what they do.

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