LCA2011: Day 00

Technically today isn’t an LCA day, but rather a “travel to LCA” day – figured since I won’t be tweeting as much, I should at least try to blog post every day on the events. If I’m really good, I may even upload my conference notes O_o

My trip started off with my first international flight via the new international terminal at Wellington – have to say, I really do like the architecture, although I think the lack of viewing spaces to look out onto the runway is a little sad. :-(

New Wellington international terminal

Sadly my flight wasn’t the best, it seems that during the process to move my flights from Thursday to Sunday 23rd, AirNZ had managed to completely forget that I was vegetarian.

I think it’s a pretty silly flaw in their system – seeing as I book all my flights with my AirNZ Airpoints ID, my basic preferences (such as diet) should really be set there.

The hostesses where pretty good and managed to find me some cheese and crackers, but they don’t carry additional extra vegetarian meals so couldn’t help me too much.

Other than that, the flight was uneventful and even the kids on the plane were reasonably well behaved.

Me crusing along on the AirTrain with a poorly adjusted camera. Note the Linux t-shirt to attract other fellow geeks at the airport.

After getting to Brisbane, I took the AirTrain from the Airport to South Bank Station for just $15 return using a special conference discount.

I’m actually extremly impressed with Brisbane’s public transport system! It’s how Wellington’s *should* be.


  • The wait between trains is 25-30mins, I only had to wait a couple before it came.
  • It’s very smooth, fast and modern.
  • At $15 conference rate, it’s pretty affordable too, certainly beats taking a taxi.

Regulars Trains/Buses

  • Very, Very Cool.
  • Excellent use of RFID technologies – the “go cards” in use are plentiful and can be brought at vending machines around the place. Once purchased, you swipe on and off trains AND buses.
  • Brisbane has dedicated roads for buses, often running under ground which it runs natural gas powered buses along – almost like a bus-powered subway system.
  • Modern, fast, accurate timing and bus order displays.

And other stuff from today:

  • Caught up with a whole bunch of awesome friends again.
  • Had a bit of a scare that my 3G SIM was flawed, but after correcting the APN settings, the 3G on my laptop is now working with :-D

Over all, a good start. :-)

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