Well I’m still getting organised in a somewhat mad panic (not enough hours in the day!) for my trip and associated AU-based holiday.

Key information is that I will be landing in Brisbane at 16:00 AU time on Sunday 23rd, I figure with customs and airtain travel time, I should be getting to Urbanest around 17:00-18:00, from where I will then be looking for awesome geeks to catch up with for beer and or delicious food.

I will be keeping my NZ mobile number, but will have an AU 3G SIM card with me for my laptop, so I’ll be online during the conference and whilst around Brisbane.

I should also be reachable via my NZ office number –  my Android mobile runs SIP, which runs via an OpenVPN tunnel, back to the Amberdms Asterisk server – which is a pretty cool way to get very cheap international calling when in a wifi hotspot :-D

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