Hastings Roadtrip!

At the request of @splatdevil, I’ve headed up to Hastings for the weekend to be with her during a difficult personal time.

I always like an excuse for a roadtrip, the Wellington to Hastings drive is pretty nice and isn’t too long at only 4 hours.

Interesting statistics from the trip:

  • $30~ fuel consumption in Toyota Starlet 1.3l petrol car
  • 800ml coke consumed.
  • 1 chip in wind screen. Going to be a hassle to go and have that fixed now :-(
  • 2 wrong turns.
  • 1 fuel stop.
  • 0 toilet/snack stops.
  • >9000 angry swear words at traffic queues whilst trying to depart Wellington on a Friday afternoon.
  • 6 uses of the over taking lane
  • 4 sets of roadworks.
  • 1 police car on traffic duties.
  • 3 ambulances, only 1 active.
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