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DNC NZ submission

The DNC has proposed a new policy for .nz WHOIS data which unfortunately does not in my view address the current issues with lack of privacy of the .nz namespace. The following is my submission on the matter. Dear DNC, … Continue reading

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Yeah, nah, you’re fucked as bro

Today the New Zealand government passed some rather nasty legalisation on a slim 2 vote majority, thanks to the current conservative National party and their political allies, despite strong public opposition and large number of submissions. This new legalisation is … Continue reading

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Having moved to AU means that I now have two cell phones – one with my AU SIM card and another with my NZ SIM card which I keep around in order to receive the odd message from friends/contacts back … Continue reading

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Porting to 2degrees

Having been a long-suffering victim of poor experiences with performance on Vodafone’s data network in NZ and expensive pricing, I’ve now shifted to NZ’s third and youngest mobile provider, 2degrees. Two major incentives – firstly unhappiness at Vodafone’s 3G data … Continue reading

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Sick of WINZ, sick of NZ, sick of people

One of the great things about being a New Zealander, is that we pride ourselves on our social security system – the fact that if you lose your job, if everything fails in your life, if you hit rock bottom, … Continue reading

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Rugby World Cup Dates

Not particularly looking forwards to the Rugby World Cup, being held in New Zealand this year – especially the after game celebrations that will¬†undoubtedly¬†take place. Incase you’re wondering when, RWC starts on 9 September and ends 23 October – I … Continue reading

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Hastings Roadtrip!

At the request of @splatdevil, I’ve headed up to Hastings for the weekend to be with her during a difficult personal time. I always like an excuse for a roadtrip, the Wellington to Hastings drive is pretty nice and isn’t … Continue reading

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