30 days of geek takes off?

Readers who have been around for a little while may recall my 30 days of geek blogging challenge, which I sadly ran out of time to complete the last few questions.

Recently @CyrisXD has taken up the idea and has been promoting it to get a whole bunch of other geeks blogging and talking about it, which is pretty awesome. He has a list of people doing the challenge, starting up on the 1st of April on his website at eguru.co.nz and there seems to be a lot of buzz around it.

It’s pretty awesome to see it take off and it would be shame if I don’t complete it myself, so I’m going to start making a post a day to complete the 30 days of geek challenge myself. :-)

As a side note, I’m also making some effort to go back and tag all the articles on this blog better – I have a few categories, but there’s lots more content that tends to get hidden and hopefully tagging it will make it more accessible to casual readers, so I’ll be doing this over the next week or so.

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