Week in Auckland

Been a busy week – I flew up to Auckland first thing on Monday morning and just arrived back tonight on Sunday. There’s a bigger update here on how things are going with the move and plans, this post is mostly just a dump of a few pictures from my future home-to-be.

Auckland skytower in the distance obscured by rain

Standing on the Northcote Rd motorway bridge, looking out towards the Smales Farm busway (where the very excellent North Express (NEX) runs to/from)

Driving along the Auckland Harbour Bridge

Donuts. One of the delicious perks of being in Auckland. (there is essentially no donut shops in Wellington. TBH, that's probably a good thing for my waistline)

Noooo.... broke my only bag halfway during the week... was a real PITA finding alternative ways to carry stuff :-( Vinyl just isn't that great for hard wearing joins like that.

Maybe I should carry around less things.....

Sal's Pizza, part of the staple Aucklander diet. Some chick I managed to pickup with my studly ways in the background.

Lake Pupuke in Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland at night. (see wikipedia)

It's the moon! Either clouds or smog :-P (ok prob not, but let's all mock Aucklander's addiction to cars some more)

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3 Responses to Week in Auckland

  1. Tim Harman says:

    What did you think of Sals? I’ve never been, but everyone raves about it.

    • Jethro Carr says:

      I think Wholly Pizza in Wellington does a better job TBH, but it’s not bad – Lisa and I enjoyed the vegetarian pizza, but the salami one was quite oily and she wasn’t that impressed.

      Pizzas are large with thin toppings, rather than the smaller but deeper style found at Hell or other popular pizza chains.

      Worth a try at least. :-)

  2. Lisa Rapley says:

    Let’s also mock them for worrying about a little rain.

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