Busy Buffer Overflow

It’s an insanely busy month – I’m up in Auckland again for a few days, before heading back to Wellington, then off to Melbourne & Brisbane for a few days, before returning to Wellington, then Auckland for a few days, then Wellington, then drive to Auckland and speed a week there, before returning to Wellington for a weekend….. as you can see, too much going on!

Really sick of hotels ATM, have spent 2+ weeks in different Auckland North Shore motels in the past week and none of them can seem to tick all the boxes – bad showers, bad beds, bad living space, over all just pretty disappointing.

Will be great once we’ve settled – Lisa will be moving into the new flat on the 26th and I’ll be following shortly on the 30th, I’m sure it will make us both feel a lot better – the inability to truly relax currently is getting very annoying.

Anyway, time to sleep, prob catch up on blogging in early/mid November!

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