Walk Te Araroa?

I’m not a particularly outdoorsy kind of person, but there have been times when I’ve ventured out into the sun and been rewarded with painfully blistering skin instead of my delightful geek tan (as witnessed with my recent snowboarding efforts).

One thing that’s come to mind in past, is exploring more of New Zealand on foot, rather than it racing by at 100km/h – so I pondered the idea of whether there are proper walking tracks from the top to bottom of New Zealand.

Turns out there is – the Ta Araroa track goes from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island and is almost complete with a completion date of end of 2011. :-)

It would be a pretty intense walk, according to google maps it would take 18 days if I walked 24×7, so in reality it would take a good 2 months minimum factoring in sleep time and the fact that I’m sure I’d want to stop over at some paces overnight.

And of course, I’d need to increase my fitness, upskill with learning how to camp and tramp properly, but there’s ¬†certain appeal to doing it and to having that time just exploring NZ in a different way to what most experience.

Something to consider for late 2012 I think. :-)

I’m not the first person to consider this either, in the past few days have come across a guy who’s currently doing the walk, someone currently making plans, and a guy who biked the length of NZ.

Of course, I’d probably do it typical geek style, expect me to lug a laptop along with me and blog and tweet the whole way, but part of me is keen to have that time away from regular life, away from apartments, junk, work, people, debts and having those long periods of isolation to just ponder life.

And maybe I’ll be able to drag some friends and maybe Lisa into doing it to. Although I know she thinks I’m nuts for even thinking about this idea. ;-)

5 thoughts on “Walk Te Araroa?

  1. katjnz

    Ever since you bought it up on Twitter I’ve been thinking about doing it myself.

    Maybe get a group of Twitter geeks to tweet our way down the country? I’d be keen.

    1. Jethro Carr Post author

      A number of people are like “hmmmm that’s cool”, so maybe there would be a few interested enough to actually do it :-)

      Maybe I should just set a date late 2012 and see who can make it? :-)

  2. Gold

    Stuart (MyAdventurePlus) is actually a friend of mine and one of the inspirations for me doing this. He’s actually finished his walk too. From what I recall he was taken out by the doctor with a prescription of “6 weeks intense rest.”

    I plan to take it a little easier than he did.

    Mine is actually a sponsored walk too, with funds going towards the Chch Earthquake Appeal, Woman’s Refuge and the NZ Skeptics Society so there’s a little more emphasis on finishing rather than finishing in a set time. :)

    1. Jethro Carr Post author

      Very neat! Yeah my intent would be to leave myself plenty of spare time so I can stop in different places for a couple days if desired before heading onwards.

      Getting more and more keen on this idea, so I’ll follow up with you about it if I actually get sorted and go through with it. :-)


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