Xmas Break

I’m now back in Auckland after a week and a bit of tripping down to see Lisa’s family in Hawkes Bay and mine in Wellington, as well as catching up with friends along the way.

In some ways it was nice to have the break, but (scarily) happy to be back in Auckland to spend my second week off just doing geeky things – planning to build Android from source, upgrade laptop and complete other fun tasks. :-)

Some pictures from the trip:

Raaaage at slow campervans not pulling over on the otherwise quite fun Taupo-Napier route.

Looking over the boats from one of the many drinking establishments on West Quay in Napier.

Neat sea wall formation in Napier.

OMG I got to pet a bunny! It's like a cat, for vegetarians!

Hers & his laptops snuggling ;-)

Best part of Hastings: an escape route!

Due to the Manawatu Gorge being blocked by slips, ended up on the Saddle Rd bypass track, right by the wind farms :-D

OMG it's geekflat! I could even still pickup the wifi (just) from the AP I setup there. (seen from the Mercue on Willis Hotel)


Delicious iced coffee from Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay Wellington. Kinda overloaded with tasty bits ontop....

Wellington was a little wet..... for the 3 days we were there, it rained almost constantly :-(

Looked into the towering boxes of mine at my parents place..... decided the 500+ ethernet cables could just stay there for now...

Noooooo, how can you be so cruel lift??? There's *six* stories to go up :-/

All the people without death wishes pulled over at the road side thanks to huge thunderstorm right above flooding the road and reducing visibility. Could actually feel the thunder shaking the car!!

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