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Shared data at last!

New Zealand is always pretty pricey for telecommunications, particular mobile services including data, something I’ve mentioned before when detailing my move from Vodafone to 2degrees mobile. Whilst data has slowly been getting cheaper, there’s been an emerging problem of people … Continue reading

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Fixing Blogging

I’m finding an increasing number of friends and people using services like Tumblr or Google Plus as blogging services, or at least as a place to make posts that are more detailed an indepth than typical micro-blogging (aka Twitter/Facebook). The … Continue reading

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Bad WordPress, Bad!

I think I’ve found a bug in WordPress…. I wrote a blog post in a tab that must have been idle for some time, so the session as the admin had logged out. Upon attempting to save it as a … Continue reading

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My apartment, the death trap

I currently live in a modern apartment complex in Auckland, coming with lots of modern features including networked fire alarms, heat sensors and stupid varying sizes of non-energy efficent light bulbs. The apartment alarm system is quite simple – if … Continue reading

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