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WordPress & SSL Fixes

I’ve been using WordPress for this blog for a number of years now – at some point I realised that whilst writing my own code is fun, there’s no need to reinvent yet-another-fucking-blog-platform and ended up selecting WordPress to use … Continue reading

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Fixing Blogging

I’m finding an increasing number of friends and people using services like Tumblr or Google Plus as blogging services, or at least as a place to make posts that are more detailed an indepth than typical micro-blogging (aka Twitter/Facebook). The … Continue reading

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Bad WordPress, Bad!

I think I’ve found a bug in WordPress…. I wrote a blog post in a tab that must have been idle for some time, so the session as the admin had logged out. Upon attempting to save it as a … Continue reading

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Comment Subscription!

I’ve noticed that it’s pretty hard to maintain a good conversation on my blog thanks to the lack of email response to people’s comments – eg often someone posts a comment, I reply, but they never actually get notified that … Continue reading

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