Escape from Auckland!

We finally managed to complete the move out last weekend! I don’t know how we managed to collect so much stuff in just 11 months, but we managed to fill my Starlet and an entire van with all Lisa’s stuff…

Broken down the office, next few weeks is living on the laptop only.

When boxing up all my stuff I realized that most of this is going into storage or being sold, very little that I’ll actually be taking with me to AU.

Most important part of the flat ;-) Sadly this will be staying in NZ rather than coming with us due to the size of it :-(

Books add so much weight. :-( There’s not a lot that I want to take – going to look at getting something like a Kindle for future books, but at the same time, there are things like code references or coffee tables books I really want to take. :-(

Sitting inside on outdoor furniture is all class. ;-)

It’s Mac World! They managed to escape my presence without getting Linux installed on them…. this time. ;-)

This is about half the stuff loaded into the van…

Had a pretty good drive down to Wellington, but of course it now means that I have to go through all my stuff and finish selling off things on Trademe, I don’t really want to end up storing lots of stuff at my parents place, particularly since any computer equipment would be obsoleted within a few years.

Also selling off my trusty Toyota Starlet and pretty much anything computer related that isn’t my laptop or my server, so keep watching my TradeMe listings over the next couple of weeks.

Next stop: Melbourne! I’m flying over on the 15th of September with the aim of lining up some work, with Lisa following me over as soon as I get something signed and a flat sorted.

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  1. Jack Scott says:

    You have the same bowls with the blue rim as we do, and you have the same mini screwdriver set too. I just got totally spooked out.

  2. Kyhwana says:

    Tsk, drinking Monteiths?

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