NamedManager 1.5.1

I’ve pushed a new release of NamedManager version 1.5.1, this release is a minor bug fix release providing:

  1. Bug fix for handling of TXT records, where extra slashes would be entered into the record due to an input validator bug.
  2. The Bind configuration writer now runs the Bind-supplied validators for configuration and DNS zone files and refuses to reload Bind without them passing

The first change is naturally important if you’re using TXT records as it does fix a serious issue with the handling of TXT records (no security problems, but corrupted zonefiles would result at times).

Even if you’re not using TXT records, the second change is worth upgrading to as it makes the Bind configuration generator much more robust and prevents any potential future bugs from ever feeding Bind a bad zonefile.

Pre-1.5.1, we relied on Bind’s reload process to validate the files, however this suffers an issue where the error might not be reported back to the user and they would only discover the issue next time Bind restarts. This changes prevents a new zonefile from being loaded into place until the validator passes it, so the worst case is your DNS just refuses to accept changes, whilst logging loudly in the web interface back to you. :-)

If you upgrade, take advantage of this feature, by adding the following to /etc/namedmanager/config-bind.php or wherever you have installed your Bind component configuration file to:

$config["bind"]["verify_zone"]    = "/usr/sbin/named-checkzone";
$config["bind"]["verify_config"]  = "/usr/sbin/named-checkconf";

NamedManager 1.5.1 can be found at the project page or in my packaged repositories.

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