Black Mirror, Cloud Atlas and other awesomeness

It’s not often that I blog about video content, however I’ve seen a few really good items lately which has been a welcome relief from the murky sea of trash typically produced by networks.

Black Mirror


Firstly, Black Mirror – this UK series currently has 6 released episodes of what I would describe as one of the best things I’ve seen in the last year.

Whilst the production effects and quality of the show itself is excellent, unlike many other shows the story lines are original and thought provoking – it’s a nice change when I’m on the edge of the couch being unable to predict the ending, or even being unsure whether I like or dislike the protagonist.

Essentially the show features current or near-future technologies and how they could change society and the ways we live, not always for the better – in many ways, it’s very much like a modern version of the Twilight Zone with plots to make you think and question everything.

There’s an excellent write up about the show on the Guardian that is well worth having a read of. I personally found the first episode a little bit average, but the subsequent ones have all been excellent.

Cloud Atlas


A collaboration by the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer, Cloud Atlas is a complex interweaving of multiple plots that end up all interlinking in interesting and thought provoking way.

The film examines human nature and the continual re-occurrence of events and lives in an interesting, entertaining and thought provoking manner and leaves the viewer pondering human nature.

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