NZ Easter Plans

For my friends/followers/stalkers in NZ, I’ll be coming home for Easter – here are the key dates:

Thu 28 March: Sydney -> Christchurch
Fri 29 March: Christchurch *
Sat 30 March: Christchurch -> Wellington
Sun 31 March: Wellington *
Mon 01 April: Wellington
Tue 02 April: Wellington -> Sydney

* == no drinking establishments unless dining due to archaic NZ laws around Easter

I’m keen for coffee in Christchurch on the 29th (Fri) or 30th (Sun), get in touch and we can make a time. :-)

I’m also keen to see everyone again in Wellington, I expect to be in the CBD evening of Sat 30th for a few drinks and in town and around at other times for coffee/drinks/etc. I expect to be around the CBD for most of Monday.

Feel free to drop me an email/IM if you’re up for a catch up in particular.

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3 Responses to NZ Easter Plans

  1. Allen Han says: Auckland…:-(

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Yeah sorry dude – few months time I’ll do Auckland, hoping to do a ski trip and as part of that head up to Auckland as well.

  2. Jethro Carr says:

    Christchurch Coffee – 10:30 on Saturday @ Crafted Coffee in the Re:Start container mall. Check with me on Twitter/IM/Email for confirmation.

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