python-twitter 1.0 for API 1.1

With Twitter turning of the older API 1.0 today in favour of API 1.1, developers of bots and applications that used the older API need to either upgrade their apps, or they’re die a sad and lonely death.

I have a couple bots written using python-twitter module which broke – thankfully it’s just an easy case of updating the module to version 1.0 (an unfortunate version they should have made it version 1.1 to match Twitter). ;-)

If you’re using RHEL/CentOS/etc, EPEL includes a python-twitter package, but it’s way out of date. Instead, I have RPMs of version 1.0 available for EL5/6 in my repositories. You will want to enable both EPEL and the “amberdms-os” repository before you can install the RPM – EPEL includes a number of Python dependencies I don’t ship myself.

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  1. David Cole says:

    Have you found anyone use this to to a twitter to RSS?

    Specifcally Private twitter list to RSS.

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