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python-twitter 1.0 for API 1.1

With Twitter turning of the older API 1.0 today in favour of API 1.1, developers of bots and applications that used the older API need to either upgrade their apps, or they’re die a sad and lonely death. I have … Continue reading

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Cuckoo Clock NZ

Having arrived in Sydney, I’m staying with some of Lisa’s relatives who have kindly provided us with a room for a while until we get our own place sorted out. One of the things they have in their house, is … Continue reading

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Twitter Auto Delete

Despite me making a clean break from Twitter earlier this year, I’ve ended up back on it on a casual basis, mostly due to the number of my friends on there who only chat or are only reachable via it. … Continue reading

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Mozilla Collusion

This week Mozilla released an add-on called Collusion, an experimental extension which shows and graphs how you are being tracked online. It’s pretty common knowledge how much you get tracked online these days, if you just watch your status bar … Continue reading

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Why I hate URL shorteners

I’ve used Awstats for years as my website statistics/reporting program of choice – it’s trivial to setup, reliable and works with Apache log files and requires no modification to the website or usage of remote tools (like with Google Analytics). … Continue reading

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Living Without Twitter

It’s been an interesting 10+ days since I took my twitter holiday and 4+ days since I deleted my account. It’s been interesting, not a total success yet, I do use my placeholder account from time-to-time to check out the … Continue reading

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Free At Last

By now I presume you have read my Infodrugs post where I recently decided to take a Twitter holiday. This has now progressed a step further, with me taking steps to terminate my Twitter account entirely. Twitter has been the … Continue reading

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I’ve taken a┬áspontaneous holiday. Not to some exotic location or escape from daily life, but rather a Twitter holiday, logging out of my account, removing it from my laptop, my phone and any other system I use. I’m still trying … Continue reading

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