I recently did a talk at one of the regular Fairfax “Brown Bag” lunches about tools used by the operations team and how developers can use these tools to debug some of their systems and issues.

It won’t be anything mind blowing for experienced *nix users, but it will be of interest to less experienced engineers or developers who don’t venture into server land too often.

If you’re interested, my colleague and I are both featured on the YouTube video below – my block starts at 14:00, but my colleague’s talk about R at the start may also be of interest.

Additionally, Fairfax AU has also started blogging and publishing other videos and talk like this, as well as blog posts from other people around the technology business (developers, operations, managers, etc) to try and showcase a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes in our organisation.

You can follow the Fairfax Engineering blog at engineering.fairfaxmedia.com.au or on Twitter at @FairfaxEng.

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