Carr Estate

Our future home is on the front page of the latest Tommy's magazine.... too late buyers, it's our now!

Our future home is on the front page of the latest Tommy’s magazine…. too late buyers, it’s our now!

So we bought a house! We’ve just gone unconditional on a beautiful wooden house in Wadestown, just a short hop from Wellington CBD.

It’ll be a while before we move in, the settlement date isn’t till mid-September, so plenty of time to get freaked out by the huge garden and the shift from tiny apartments to a massive four bedroom home

Doesn’t really feel “real” just yet, just feels like a really big bill has emptied out my bank accounts… suspect it won’t be real until I’m climbing through the roof running Cat6 cabling to the WiFi APs and bolting the 48 RU racks to the floor.

Now we go from house hunting each weekend, to shopping for all the things we need to go into the house for when we move in – having sold most household stuff when we left for AU, we don’t have much in the way of furniture and need to at least get some basics so we can sleep and have a computer desk.

Exciting times…

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4 Responses to Carr Estate

  1. Jack Scott says:


    How many rooms are going towards the data centre? I can’t imagine you doing this half-heartedly…

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Been thinking about that too :-)

      My kit volume is a lot smaller these days, so I’ll probably look at getting just one 32-42 RU rack to host my file servers and all my network lab – don’t really need much server space any more, thanks to cloud hosting being so cheap. And the servers are the noisy power hungry units, the rest isn’t too bad.

      Question is whether I either put it into the house, or whether I put it out in the shed – but either way I need at least a wall mount comms cabinet in the house to host the switch and primary router.

  2. Allen Han says:


  3. Miles says:

    Congratulations! That house looks awesome!

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