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Building a mail server with Puppet

A few months back I rebuilt my personal server infrastructure and fully Puppetised everything, even┬áthe mail server. Because I keep having people ask me how to setup a mail server, I’ve gone and adjusted my Puppet modules to make them … Continue reading

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SPF with SpamAssassin

I’ve been using SpamAssassin for years, it’s a fantastic open source anti-spam tool and plugs easily into *nix operating system mail transport agents such as Sendmail and Postfix. To stop sender address forgery, where spammers email using my domain to … Continue reading

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Exchange, I will have my revenge!

It’s been a busy few weeks – straight after my visit to Christchurch I got stuck into the main migration phase of a new desktop and server deployment for one of our desktop customers. It wasn’t a small bit of … Continue reading

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