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MS Volume License Service Center

Occasionally I have to touch Microsoft software, thankfully most of our customers have their licenses entered into the Volume Licensing Service Center these days which makes finding the install media a lot easier than rummaging through CD wallets in the … Continue reading

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Exchange, I will have my revenge!

It’s been a busy few weeks – straight after my visit to Christchurch I got stuck into the main migration phase of a new desktop and server deployment for one of our desktop customers. It wasn’t a small bit of … Continue reading

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Virtualbox Awesomeness

Work recently upgraded us to the latest MS Office edition for our platform. Most of our staff run MacOS, but we have a handful of Windows users and one dedicated Linux user (guess who?) who received MS Office 2010 for … Continue reading

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Process Monitor for Windows

From time to time I’m dragged into the murky world of Microsoft to debug a problem a customer is having, or to setup the occasional small business server. My Windows skills are passable, but certainly nowhere near as good as … Continue reading

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Impatient Linux geek’s review of Win8 preview

As you¬†undoubtedly¬†know, I’m one of Microsoft’s biggest fans [1], so I eagerly downloaded the newly released Windows 8 Developer Preview to take a look at what they’re aiming to with Windows 8. This post is just based on a quick … Continue reading

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KVM/libvirt change CDROM

I was setting up some Windows virtual machines this evening on my Linux KVM/libvirt server, in order to experiment with how Windows handles IPv6 networks. Installing windows was easy enough – standard virt-install commands, however post-reboot, Windows XP wants to … Continue reading

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