2011 is almost here!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, slipping back into bad habits I suspect :-/

I got pretty caught up with busy work and life in November and December, something I’m still catching back up from…. on the plus side, the new job is great, lots of exciting challenges and a good team to be working with. :-)

Just starting a two week company office shutdown, so have a bit of time off for the first time in about two years, which is feeling pretty weird…. plus I’m only back for about another two weeks before heading away to linux.conf.au and the associated AU holiday trip.

Going to spend the holidays catching up on blogging, releasing source code for some of my nifty projects and performing a number of infrastructure upgrades on my servers and other systems.

Currently trying to make a decision about my big two server racks, I don’t think they’re worth it for the cost vs what I could do by virtualising down into a single big bad server, but it’s a very fun setup to work with…. either way, I think I’ll shed some of the machines, so I’ll blog post when they go up for auction.

Will get some new year’s resolutions up on here later this week. :-)

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