2011 New Year’s resolutions

So 2010 has been a pretty eventful year….

  • Ran Amberdms as a three person company for a while and did entirely too much work, got pretty burnt out TBH.
  • Accepted a new job at my previous employer with exciting new challenges and saner hours.
  • Learnt a lot about myself – my interests, how I handle stress, love, rejection, etc.
  • Made many new friends and actually developed a bit of a social life which is now impacting on time available for geekery…. I blame Twitter entirely for introducing me to interesting and fun people.
  • Finally updated this blog to WordPress ;-)

So what do I want to achieve in 2011?

  • Reduce the amount of “stuff” I own. Not quite to the whole cult-of-less approach, but I really have far too many computers, gadgets and other bits and pieces that I’ve managed to collect over the past 10 years.
  • Tempted to sell off my data center gear and reduce to just a couple boxes running large numbers of virtual machines.
  • Get back into enjoying IT more – I still love it, but the amount of work I’ve done lately has it feeling a bit like a chore and less like fun. So I want to do some fun projects in 2011 just for my enjoyment :-)
  • Be a more relaxed, less stressed person. Not doing 60-80 work weeks will certainly help. :-)
  • Keep the flat tidier…. I’ve spent hours getting the place into a liveable condition and it’s far far nicer this way, aim to keep it that way. Reducing the amount of stuff I own will also help there….
  • Figure out relationships, love, sex, etc. What am I after, who do I want and where my interests lie. And have fun doing so. :-)
  • Figure out life goals – what do I want to achieve in the next 10 years?
  • Keep making regular blog posts, I actually really enjoy writing, it’s just tricky finding the time…

In terms of projects, there’s a few neat things floating around in my head that I’m considering:

  • Move from proprietary microblogging (eg twitter) to open source microblogging (eg statusnet or dispora) yet still maintain ability to communicate with all my friends on Twitter.
  • Really, really, want a better open source twitter and status.net/identica capable client, I may sit down and write one if I can’t find anything good soon.
  • Build a Linux From Scratch system. I last did that in college and it’s so much fun. Extracting tarballs, patching, compiling, etc, etc :-)
  • Considering writing a book on IT policy and professionalism, basically stuff I’ve learnt from the 5 years I’ve been in IT that I wish I could have known when I was first starting, rather than having to find the hard way.
  • Secret coding stuff I can’t talk about ;-)

So those are my plans/goals/resolutions- what are your ones for 2011?

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