Hobart: Day 02

My third day in Hobart is more of a half day, as my flight to Melbourne was scheduled for early afternoon, which did limit what I could get up to.

Ended up spending a good 1.5 hours at The Cupping Room, a very excellent cafe and coffee roastery.

To give you some idea of how much this company loves it’s coffee, there’s a bit blackboard showing the “family tree of coffee”, how different styles have become derived from one another.

OMG coffeeeeeee

And there’s a menu for the beans you’d like today….. @chrisjrn and myself went through the menu – my favourite is undecided, they are all quite different, yet all of them delicious.

So much awesome

And of course, the tasty, tasty cup porn:


Certainly beats the “flavoured milk” airport coffee I had at Brisbane Airport which left a terrible aftertaste and breath. :-/

Aside from coffee, spent the morning getting shown around Hobart at high speed before heading to the airport to depart to Melbourne, all in all, a great trip. :-)

Many thanks to the awesome Chris Neugebauer (@chrisjrn) for acting as my personal guide for the three days I was in Tasmania. :-)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the coffee! (I can now point everyone at this post when explaining to everyone why I have no disposable income :))

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