Wynyard Crossing

As part of my mission to get out and explore Auckland some more, I’ve been down at Wynyard Quarter a bit. It’s quite a neat and relatively recent development in Auckland, with several trendy bars/food places and a pedestrian friendly area for walking.

There always some interesting views with the functional industrial port right next to high wealth yachts, along with the trendy outside area and seating. Quite Wellingtonesque in many ways, the Wellington waterfront is always stylish and interesting to wander along, day or night.

Casually chilling on the giant deck chairs

Auckland CBD View

Always interesting ships parked around the place.

One of the cool features of this area is Wynyard Crossing, a double bascule bridge that opens up to allow boat traffic to travel through between the sea and the marina, which opened in August 2011.

I’m kind of a bridge fan, so I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures and a video of the bridge in lift motion.

Idle bridge being idle

Doesn't look toooo steep....

Permission to come on through capt'n!

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