Why I hate DSL

mmm latency, delicious delicious latency

I’m living around 8km from the center of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, with only 8 mbits down and 0.84 mbits upstream in a very modern building with (presumably) good wiring installed. :'(

The above is what happens to your domestic latency when your server’s cronjobs decide to push 1.8GB of new RPMs up to a public repo, causing the performance to any other hosts to slow to a grinding halt. :-/

On the plus side it did make me aware of a fault in my server setup – one of my VMs was incorrectly set to use my secondary LDAP server as it’s primary authentication source, meaning it called back across the VPN over this DSL connection, so when this performance hit occurred, the server started having weird “hangs” due to processes blocking whilst waiting for authentication attempts to complete.

The sooner we can shift off DSL the better – there’s the possibility that my area might be covered with VDSL, but since I don’t think we’ll be here for too long, I’m not going to go to the effort to look at other access methods.

But I will make sure I carefully consider where UFB is getting laid when I come to buy property….

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2 Responses to Why I hate DSL

  1. Kyhwana says:


    I assume you’ve checked your sync/line rates/stats and made sure you’re in ADSL2+ mode, etcetc.

    Also, COFFEE. http://www.fredflare.com/WHAT-S-NEW/World-s-Largest-Coffee-Cup/

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Definitely running at ADSL2+on a decent DrayTek DSL modem, I think that there’s either a crappy exchange or poor wiring around here. I’m just grateful that I have internet at all, after the Chorus tech originally patched my line to the wrong ISP altogether. :-/

      I should take a look at some QOS stuff at some point, gets a little tricky with the VPNs to my other servers, but no problem is unsolvable. ;-)

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