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Easy IKEv2 VPN for mobile devices (inc iOS)

I recently obtained an iPhone and needed to connect it to my VPN. However my existing VPN server was an OpenVPN installation which works lovely on traditional desktop operating systems and Android, but the iOS client is a bit more … Continue reading

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Keeping Android Wifi Awake

I run a number of backgrounded applications on my Android phone, such as Nagios (server monitoring) CSipSimple (VoIP/SIP), OpenVPN (SSL-based VPN) and IMAP idle (push email). Whilst this does impact battery life somewhat, I’ve got things reasonably well tuned so … Continue reading

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Why I hate DSL

I’m living around 8km from the center of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, with only 8 mbits down and 0.84 mbits upstream in a very modern building with (presumably) good wiring installed. :'( The above is what happens to your … Continue reading

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Android VPN Rage

Having obtained a shiny new Nexus S to replace my aging HTC Magic, I’ve been spending the last few days setting it up as I want it –¬†favorite¬†apps, settings, email, etc. The setup is a little more complex for me, … Continue reading

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