Mozilla Firefox “Pin as App”

In a moment of madness, I decided to RTFM the latest Mozilla Firefox Feature List and came across this nifty ability called “Pin as App”.

nawww baby tabs!

It’s pretty handy, I’m using it to maintain tabs of commonly access websites or web applications that I need many times a day, easy to find since it’s always on the left in the defined order, and much smaller than the full tab size.

Only issue is that you need your remote site/app to have a decent favicon – if they don’t, you’ll just end up with a dashed square placeholder and there’s no way in Firefox to set a custom icon for that pin that I can see.

4 thoughts on “Mozilla Firefox “Pin as App”

  1. leegeorg07

    So it’s just like Chrome’s had for ages? ;) it really is useful. Maybe you could edit the cookies/replace the icon in local files?

    1. Jethro Carr Post author

      Yeah, might be possible with messing with the cache, or maybe even adjusting the page HTML with something like firebug before pinning the tab.


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