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Firefox Mobile for Android CAs

I’ve been using Firefox Mobile on Android for a while (thanks to the fact that it means I can use Firefox Sync between my laptop and mobile to share data). Overall it’s pretty good and the last few releases have … Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox “Pin as App”

In a moment of madness, I decided to RTFM the latest Mozilla Firefox Feature List and came across this nifty ability called “Pin as App”. It’s pretty handy, I’m using it to maintain tabs of commonly access websites or web … Continue reading

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Mozilla Sync Server RPMs

A few weeks ago I wrote about the awesomeness that is Mozilla’s Firefox Sync, a built-in feature of Firefox versions 4 & later which allows for synchronization of bookmarks, history, tabs and password information between multiple systems. (historically known as … Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox Sync Awesomeness

When I recently rebuilt my laptop, I switched back from Google’s Chromium browser to instead use Mozilla Firefox. Whilst I really liked Chromium, there were a few specific reasons which push me more towards Firefox: I trust the Mozilla Foundation … Continue reading

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